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Outdoor Surveillance Challenge

A special challenge is proposed to be run alongside the outdoor competition. It is inspired by the scenario where a disaster zone may need to be surveilled for long periods of time.

This challenge has been created to encourage teams to present novel MAV designs. The MAVs should be able to fly surveillance laps within a defined area for as long as possible.

MAVs will be allowed to lap within a maximum radius of up to 500 m, with vertical variations of up to 25 m. The maximum height for this mission will be up to 100 m.

In principle, teams are encouraged to present designs based on pure fixed-wing or any other hybrid configuration such as tailsitters, tiltwing or tiltrotor designs which can be operated from small spots.

This challenge does not have a time limit. It will take place in the location of the outdoor competition, but in a different area to that where the outdoor missions will be carried out.

The challenge will run in parallel with the outdoor competition.

Depending on the number of teams, two or three MAVs may fly at the same time, although at different heights. The time to reach the assigned height will be considered part of the flight time. Time will be measured from the time the MAV takes off until it lands due to low battery or predefined battery status.

Teams participating in the indoor or outdoor categories are welcome to participate in this challenge as well.

The details of the mission are covered in the PDF provided in the next link: Rulebook.

Location of the competition

Description and rules about the IMAV 2021 competitions can be found in the PDF file available for download below:

Download RuleBook

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