IMAV 2021 / Competitions

Outdoor Competition

The details of the mission are covered in the PDF provided in the next link: Rulebook.

Location of the competition

This competition will be carried out in a wide open area where 4 missions will be faced by the teams.

  • 1.- Mapping
    • A 3D model or a 2D panoramic image (mosaic or orthophotography) of the disaster area has to be generated. The MAV can take off from the ground or it can be released from the air (e.g., with a Balloon), if the MAV recovers from the free fall and continues to carry out the mapping, then more points will be awarded.

  • 2 - 3.- Package Delivery and Available Drop Zone Detection
    • One or more MAVs will take off from the ground from the take-off zone. An available drop zone has to be detected among three possible drop zones as two of them, chosen randomly, will be obstructed. After the detection, one or more MAVs have to deliver packages to this available zone.

  • 4.- Cooperative carrying.
    • This mission is motivated by the fact that a heavy load has to be brought to a drop zone. Therefore a team of two or more MAVs have to lift and carry the heavy load to the drop zone.

Description and rules about the IMAV 2021 competitions can be found in the PDF file available for download below:

Download RuleBook

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Martinez-Carranza, J. (Ed) (2021). “IMAV 2021 Competition Rules for Indoor and Outdoor Competitions, and Special Challenges”. International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition (IMAV). Puebla, Mexico. November, 2021.