IMAV 2021 / Competitions


Competitions Introduction

Competitions are split up into two categories: indoor and outdoor competitions plus two special challenges. Both categories present challenges seeking to push the boundaries of the micro air vehicles’ technology currently available to date. Competitors are expected to present novel hardware and software designs, including aerodynamic designs, novel set of sensors, and exemplar capabilities such as: flight endurance; agile flight; autonomous flight; intelligent behavior; and swarming coordination.

This year, the competition theme is “search and rescue”. This is motivated by the fact that Mexico sits at the boundary of three tectonic plates causing frequent seismic activity. In September of 1985 and in September of 2017, strong earthquakes caused severe damage to the capital, Mexico City, and some neighbouring cities. In the aftermath, buildings collapsed disaster zones, which difficulted the aid delivery.

Inspired by the scenario described above, the IMAV 2021 places a set of challenges where micro air vehicles could be essential in the search for victims, to get rapid access and a fast overview of the disaster zone, as much as to bring aid by air to the disaster zone.

Therefore, teams are expected to present novel ideas, prototypes and solutions aiming at paving the way for the next generation of micro air vehicles that can be deployed in real disaster scenarios such as the ones mentioned before.

Description and rules about the IMAV 2021 competitions can be found in the PDF file available for download below:

Download Rule Book

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