IMAV 2021 / Competitions

Indoor Competition

The details of the mission are covered in the PDF provided in the next link: Rulebook.

Location of the competition

The indoor event consists of 4 mission elements. Teams must attempt to complete as many of these mission elements as possible to achieve the maximum number of points.


  1. Fly through a dynamic obstacle area with smoke
  2. Exploration inside a structure with poor illumination
  3. Exploration outside the structure
  4. Precision landing with disturbance

The entire scenario for all missions is shown in the figure below.

Description and rules about the IMAV 2021 competitions can be found in the PDF file available for download below:

Download RuleBook

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Martinez-Carranza, J. (Ed) (2021). “IMAV 2021 Competition Rules for Indoor and Outdoor Competitions, and Special Challenges”. International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition (IMAV). Puebla, Mexico. November, 2021.